Saturday, August 2, 2008

(*July 19th*) And so it begins...

After our extremely lonnng day of traveling which consisted of 3 plane rides, the one from chicago to beijing being 13 hrs long, we got off the plane in yangji and went not to the hostiles (thank God) but to the university dorms.

So the next day we woke up at 3:45am so we could go to this hiking place that was 5 hrs away from yangji...
Somewhere in those 5 hrs we stopped to eat our traditional korean style breakfast (pixx) which was this seaweed wrap with rice, ham, and other stuff that i don't even want to know what it was:)
When we arrived, we were provided lunch which was traditional Chinese food that included rice (which i ate) and other side dishes such as mushrooms (that looked just like ears) and squash with egg mixed in (both of which i did not eat ;).

We then began our 20 minute bus ride up to the crater with a man spieling to us in Korean about the site. When we got up there we decided to walk up to the lake... ha! there were like 2,000 extremely steep steps going up there. (look at the pix, we walked up that wall going up the mountain)

We thought we were mildly in shape... but no! Tooons of sweat later everyone was tireddd (pix of evan and kaitlin) but we finally made it to the top...

The crater was actually gorgeous with a crystal blue lake in the middle. The walk down was 100% better with kaitlin and eric. That place was absolutely gorgeous but the hike up... was a one-time event ;)
After that, we had our 5 hrh car ride back and went straight to dinner. We ate in a traditional Korean restaurant with the sitting-cross legged and everything like that! Justin, Laura, and I were sitting next to Professor Beh and Mr. & Mrs. Lee. So we got servings of aaaall the food... ;) but me and justin especially had to eat everything... Especially the kimchi! (pix) But the sweet & sour pork was absoultely ahmazing...
Oh! and our snack on the bus... you want to know what it was? A chinese hamburger! nope. don't be mislead unless you usually think of HAMburgers with no meant and lots of cabbage. lots and lots and lots of cabbage...
We then were done with China-exploring for the day, so we went back to our dorms and had our meeting. Ha, all the girls got awards for stealing derek's suitcase ;)

The Best Days of My Life...

I just wanted to review all of my China experiences by entering all my journal entries on Blogger...
so here starts tonss of journal entries:)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Smelly Park, Credit Card Scandal, and the Land of the Chinos in 3 dayss

We went to a park in Ann Arbor!
It was pretty fun! Ha, thats my picture of me and joe on the teeter-totter! Very fun stuff! But me, john, joe, jessa, julie, josh, asher and avery all hung at the park for awhile and we did that spider swinging thing! wait, i'll put up a pix of it...
It was veryy fun:)

Also i had my first encounter with using a credit card today! here is my story..
julie was in the car with all the kids and she was like "jaime, go to the store and buy me a couple things. here, use my credit card. "
i was like WHAT?!?
so i like, used her credit card in the store and was so superduperuper scared,
and i refused to go through the real check-outs in fear that someone would question me,
and then i would be like "you'll never break me!"
and they'd be like "fine, i'll call the po-po"
and i'd be like "I ADmittt! its not mine! don't send me to jail!"
and i would obviously start crying right there.
so she was making fun of me the whole time b/c i was so nervous.
and i wore my sunglasses in the store,
so that in case i got carted away by the po-po (and/or the fuzz) for stealing a credit card and breaking the law
no one would recognize me and my street cred wouldnt be trashed. ;)

annnd I'm going to the Land of the Chinos in 3 dayss!
3 days!:)(:

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Spiritual Birthdayyy!

Guess, Guess, Guess what today is!
***My spiritual birthday!
B/c on July 13th, 2005 I officially became a christian,
so i guess i'm like, 3 yrs old christian style!

And I reallyreally wanted to thank my bestest friends who helped me through those rough times ...

and paigeee pooh!

Okay now, anywaysss
in 4 daysss!
I'm superduperuper excited!
I have my last china meeting today, and then its just going to be insane anticipation until thursday at like 6:30am

Soo... any new news with me?
Well my parents are going to california tomorrow.
i think you all know what that means :/
but who knows.
I think next year I'm going to volunteer at a homeless shelter in los angeles.
it would be pretty sweet i think.
but if we dont move i think i'd try and find one around here:)

and ive had this new-found-liking to the jonas brothers lately...
weird? kinda i guess...
but im so not a screaming fan or a stalker like kaitlin and have a pix of joe jonas in my room ;) kiddinggg!:)(:

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Heyy everyone!
Well I guess I'll try out this blogging,
and we'll see how it works out;)
I had a sleepover last night, and thats the picture i have up, and we stayed up until like 5ishh, and it was super fun! We did nails, and watched Legally Blonde and did all that fun stuff!
And I'm going to china in exactly a week from today, so I'll keep you updated in the countdown to china, and then I'll post oodles of pix when I get back;)
Okay, well post some stuff and I'll see if i keep this blogging nonsense up! :)